Payment Policy

  • Payment of Fees and Mode of payment
    1. The payment made by Cash / Cheque / Debit Card / Credit Card / NEFT / Net Banking etc. would be in accordance with the prevailing RBI guidelines.
    2. However, the said payment made to the ‘intermediary’ Reshimgath is only to access the profiles which are uploaded by other users on the website.
    3. For the convenience of the customer, the facility of third party payment gateway is provided on the website so that the customer can pay the online for the intermediary services of Reshimgath.
    4. Activation of services of Reshimgath is subject to the realization of the payment.
    5. In case of dishonor of Cheque etc., the customer shall be liable to pay the extra charges charged by the bank.
    6. The customer also acknowledges and accepts that if a situation arises, where the account is activated before the realization of payment, after dishonor of cheque etc., Reshimgath has every right to deactivate your account, without informing the customer.
    7. The membership payment once paid by the subscriber is not refundable.

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